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Emily Brown / For Freedom International

We are raising awareness and funds to fight human trafficking and sex trade at the ground level! One beautiful human being at a time.
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About Written for Freedom Fundraiser

In 2019, my sister went with ForĀ Freedom International to Phuket, Thailand to join their efforts of ending human trafficking and sex trade through support, discipleship, and practical skills. In the raw emotion of her experience, I wrote and submitted a poem detailingĀ the horrific reality of trafficking that was occurring. The poem, Bangla Road, is being published in the month of November. It is something I wish never had to be written, but it brings awareness to the harsh truth of what our brothers and sisters are living, and encourages us to support them through prayer and finances as we work toward a future where all humanity is treated with the dignity and respect it deserves. As this poetry book is being published, I am fundraising to send the money where it belongs: in the hands of the strong men and women on the ground, fighting for those who can't fight themselves. Thank you!!

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